Fire Boy and Water Girl

Genre: Puzzle, Skill

Rating (5): 3.5

Publisher: Addicting Games

Info: Fire and water are two conflicting elements, but they can also help each other.  In this Fire Boy and Water Girl, you play as two characters at THE SAME TIME! It’s challenging at first but adds a new dimension to game play.  Fire Boy can go through lava but not water, and vice versa for Water Girl.  They can also only collect their respective color gems.  Green lava will kill both Fire Boy and Water Girl, but they can both collect green diamonds.  Try to make it through all the levels as fast as you can.


  • The Hexagon shaped levels just require you to go as fast as possible, grabbing all the diamonds you can. The Rounded triangle ones require you to move both characters at the same time at some point in the level.  The Diamond ones require you to grab the green diamond before getting to the doors.  These usually are boss type levels.
  • Even though each character can’t TOUCH the eachother’s  element, they can still JUMP over it if it’s short enough.
  • Concentrate more on completing the level than moving the characters at the same time.  You can still get an “A” on the simultaneous levels even if you don’t move the characters at the EXACT same time.
  • Wanna cheat? Grab a friend, roommate, coworker, or just some other random guy and have them play as one character as you play the other and, voila!  You’re now playing a multiplayer game and can spread the fun!